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About WINC

WINC provides clients with an array of cost-effective telecom and internet solutions.

WINC Communications is Broadband Wireless, Wireless Network Solutions provider and a full service ISP. WINC Communications offers Internet access, carrier services, advanced email services, hosting, co-location and LAN/WAN services to business and organizations in Buffalo and Rochester, NY.

Our Buffalo Internet Point of Presence (POP) is located in the Main Place Tower in downtown Buffalo. Our Rochester, NY facility is an 1800 sq. ft. Class-A data center located in the Mid-Town Plaza. Utilizing state of the art equipment with redundant, carrier neutral connectivity in our Data Center, WINC is able to provide robust services that match our customers needs. We work for you and find you the best solutions for your business needs.

WINC Communications is the leading fixed wireless broadband provider in Western New York. WINC Communications delivers high-speed Internet access to commercial bandwidth users through our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint fixed wireless broadband networks. Our network now offers dense coverage of most commercial sectors of Western New York and we are aggressively expanding coverage throughout the region with coverage exceeding 80% of the entire Western New York Area.

Since our network is completely owned by us, we are able to offer customers lower costs and faster installation times. Our wireless technology is more reliable than traditional wire line networks. Only WINC Communications provides true separate egress for those customers seeking true redundancy. And with our unique bandwidth-on-demand, you can turn up your connection in just a few minutes rather than waiting months for a new connection to be installed.

Affordable and Available

Our Pricing is about 50 percent of the traditional wired T1 rate at or less than a fraction of the cost of traditional broadband. One low fee covers the necessary hardware and installation. We currently offer service throughout most of the Western New York area and will be expanding into New Coverage Areas constantly.

Dedicated Connectivity

WINC Communications uses advanced Broadband Wireless Technology to provide secure Internet access without the use of fiber, telephone, or cable lines. Our network is more reliable than most wired connections and priced about fifty percent less than the typical T1 rate.

Fast Service

We give you Connectivity options. Small and medium-sized businesses can start with our basic offering and increase their bandwidth at any time in stepped increments without additional installation or equipment charges. New, installation typically occurs within 2 weeks of the order date and an upgrade in speed can be established in minutes.


WINC Communications has developed a Customer Service system to ensure that a member of our team quickly answers your questions. Our phone lines are staffed with real people during normal working hours and we have a 24/7-support team in the event you need support after business hours.