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Wireless & DSL Services

WINC provides clients with an array of cost-effective telecom and internet solutions.

WINC provides clients with an array of cost-effective Carrier, Broadband Wireless and Full Service ISP solutions including HIPPA compliant network and email solutions in Buffalo and Rochester, NY.

Here is a list of WINC services followed by a brief description. Call WINC Communications today at 716.881-6132 or 1-866-295-7724 for more details.

Two Co-Location Facilities

WINC's Buffalo Internet Point of Presence is located on the 19th Floor of Main Place Tower in downtown Buffalo, NY. Buffalo is commonly referred to as one of the country's most wired ("fibered") cities almost all of which commences in Main Place Tower. By locating our Internet facility there, WINC achieves connectivity capabilities and economies not available to most ISP's.

Our Rochester, NY facility is an 1800 sq. ft. Class-A data center located in the Mid-Town Plaza. Features include a raised floor, FM200 Fire Suppression system, 48 volt power with battery & Onan natural gas powered generator backup with automatic transfer.

Network Structure

WINC prides itself on offering a network that matches national tier 1 ISPs. Through the use of advanced Cisco routing equipment and multi-homed connections, we offer an SLA with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. WINC also maintains its own IP pool and supports BGP for its addressing to ensure the greatest possible fault tolerance. WINC is diligent in monitoring all aspects of its entire network and server infrastructure with custom designed programs along with commercial products like WebTrends, RTG, SNORT and Microsoft Object Monitoring (MOM). This allows us to receive real time monitoring and notification of all bandwidth utilization. On the server farm, we monitor all aspects of the server's health including CPU, memory, and disk utilization to maximize performance and uptime. All elements of functionality, performance and reliability have been carefully engineered and implemented.


Security at our data center is accomplished with restricted access by the use of swipe cards. Also, video monitoring is in place to provide an added level of security.

Backup Procedures

WINC Communications uses state-of-the-art backup procedures to ensure the security of all data. We keep a live file backup of all systems, which is ready for immediate restoration, and also run a 4-week tape backup cycle.

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Internet Dedicated Access

T1 Wired Service
DS-3 Wired Service
DSL Maximum Speeds

WINC offers broadband solutions for business customers ranging from 128Kbps – 3 Mbps. Regardless of whether you are a business or a residential customer, you only pay for the speed you want based on your own requirements. And WINC telecommunications experts will assist in evaluating your needs.

Additional Internet access services include Business Dial Up Accounts (Buffalo only) with local numbers across the 716 area code.

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Carrier Services

WINC Communications has agreements with all the major communications companies and has expert staff trained in leased lines, local and long distance.

We are a bandwidth provider so we do not have to sell any specific carrier. Let our experts save you the research time and sales pitches to find the best provider to meet your requirements.

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LAN/WAN Services

  • Internet Security
  • VPN Security
  • Cabling and Wiring services
  • Network Troubleshooting

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Computer and Software Services

As a full service network support company, we provide troubleshooting, customization, upgrade and replacement of hardware and software.

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Email Services

Tired of your company or your customers email being filled with:

  • solicitations for credit cards or great stock buys
  • pornographic email
  • email viruses
  • dozens of emails per day that have no relation to your business?

We can provide email accounts protected by our advanced system, or allow your email to remain where it is currently hosted and be filtered by our system

WINC's anti-spam and anti-virus service incorporates advanced filtering technologies and algorithms into our email handling servers to eliminate 80% to 90% of unwanted Spam mail and almost all viruses within hours of their release.

Even domain names not hosted by WINC can be protected from harmful viruses and spam. All at a cost that is less than an in-house subscription service and is more reliable and robust than a LAN license.

This is a serious and significant service that can save you time, money, embarrassment and the requirement for disaster recovery!

Additional email services include:

Distribution of newsletters, etc. to large groups via email

Web-based email retrieval service to allow you to get your mail anywhere you can get online. Web interface for email retrieval online can be customized with your company name / identity for use by company employees, clients, etc.

Email Marketing

Constant Contact® Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing

Constant Contact®, Do-It-Yourself Email Marketingâ„¢ helps small and mid-sized businesses and associations develop an ongoing relationship with their customers and site visitors. Constant Contact makes it easy and affordable to build and manage permission email lists, create and send eye-catching HTML email newsletters, announcements and promotions, and track email campaign results.

  • Builds and manages permission email lists of all sizes
  • Over 75 customizable HTML email templates (or start from scratch)
  • Measures email campaign results instantly
  • 100% web-based and no technical skill required
  • FREE phone and email support
  • CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • High email deliverability
  • Affordable monthly pricing
  • » Try it Free for 60 days!

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WINC has hosting solutions for those who want to focus on their own business and have someone else manage their servers. WINC provides planning consultations for hardware and connectivity requirements and can also assist with the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your project.

Managed dedicated servers are for those customers that don't have the internal resources in house to host websites. Managed dedicated servers are ideal for the following users:

  • Business critical websites requiring server management
  • Web developers and Web designers
  • Clients with no server skill sets
  • Resellers

We also cater to the knowledgeable professional who just needs a home for their own hardware or to be provided an unmanaged server that they can control themselves.

By taking the time to fully understand your requirements, we can offer a superior environment for your application and maximize server effectiveness. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is available to assist you before, during and after installation.

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Web and Software Development

WINC has developed select relationships that allows us to provide basic and advanced solutions that meet your budget. Our carefully selected vendors are people we have known and worked with for several years. Our advantage is our ability to match your needs with the experience, skills platforms that meet our customer's needs.

Software Architecture Blueprint

You no longer have to develop in the dark, waiting several anxious months for a product that hopefully matches your vision. By defining your entire solution up front, an architectural consultation saves time, money and misleading expectations

Web Application Development

Web applications are not websites. The service of Web Application development lets a central server inside the datacenter hold the entire product. One installation, unlimited users, runs from any computer, anywhere, anytime, and without a single piece of software integration. One change in one location upgrades the software for everyone. Your only requirement is internet access. The power and simplicity can be used to translate almost any business process into a centralized and cost effective application.

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Website Design, eCommerce, Web Service Integration

When WINC engages in your web development, a whole team is deployed to insure you receive the best specialized service in each area of your deliverable. When you speak to someone about functionality, you will know that they are your programmer, logic and structure prevail. If your discussion turns to design, layout, and theme, then you will speak directly to the trained graphic artists.

Web Hosting

Your website will be hosted on a powerful, professionally-managed server. WINC provides redundant connectivity with two tier-one Internet providers, 99.5 percent uptime and 24/7 monitoring. We will provide you with a customized program and/ or a customized server(s), based on your specific needs.

All Website Hosting Packages include:

Graphical based usage reporting DNS CGI - one hour's worth of CGI scripting and/or forms work at initial setup ODBC Storage levels from 40 MB – 150 MB and monthly transfers from 1 GB – 10 GB depending on your needs

Optional Services Available:

  • Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux
  • ASP, ColdFusion, JSP, or PHP
  • SQL Server, Access, mySQL
  • Windows Media Streaming
  • SSL Secure Certificate
  • Generator Server
  • Index Server
  • NetTracker Website Activity Reporting
  • Front Page Extensions
  • Website Registration Program

Intranets, Extranets, Communication Portals

Has your company reached a point where communication has started to breakdown? Meeting notices and cancellations are handled inefficiently. Your own employees don't know what is happening inside the company. Now may be the time to start looking at communication consolidation using our Intranet or Extranet application. Offering all the services of a combined internal website that only the people you let in can see using the power of web application technology.

Graphic Design, Identity Development, Product Photography

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring a consistent identity to all of your media, which includes web, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and more. Services include: identity from scratch, identity extension, web conceptualization, professional eCommerce product photography, traditional and digital ad marketing, web banners and custom email campaigns.

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Search Engine Optimization

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Wireless Internet Access


Wireless Primary Access
Wireless Backup-Redundent Access
Speeds from 128 K to 125 Meg OC3
Point to Point VPN's

WINC is the leading broadband wireless service provider in WNY. WINC has over 8 towers covering about 80% of the Buffalo Metro area.

Wireless Internet
  1. 1. One of our network of base station antennas (up to 12 miles away).
  2. 2. WINC Wireless Modem connected to your computer -OR- Subscriber antenna mounted to building exterior.
  3. 3. Your PC or Network.

WINC uses a network of powerful base stations to transmit to and from a WINC wireless modem.

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Multi-Tenant / Multi-Dwelling unit Services

In any market, adding value to your leased space with minimal expense, minimal impact on staff, and property, is critical for making your property stand out. WINC Communications offers customized services tenants want, including Broadband Internet, LAN/WAN and full ISP services that can increase property value and enhance your bottom line.

One way building managers are staying ahead is by adding broadband Internet connection to Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), Multiple Tenant Units (MTU), office buildings and hotels. Tenants are looking for fast Internet connection, access to advanced services (e.g., video, games) and PC office applications. WINC Communications can customize an entire suite of IT services offerings. With our ability to manage the technology, customer service and even the billing, all you need to worry about is renting your property. Call WINC today and add in demand broadband and IT services without the overhead.

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The WINC Wireless Modem connects you or your office to the Internet in one of several ways:

Connect the wireless modem to your local area network (LAN) to provide your entire office with high-speed Internet access. Connect the wireless modem to your laptop or desktop computer for hassle-free and portable high speed Internet access within our coverage area. Additional areas can be served by connecting the wireless modem to your LAN, desktop or laptop computer using a small, easy-to-mount antenna outside your building or on a window pointed towards one of WINC's base station antennas.

What about bad weather?

No problem. Unlike some other wireless technologies, WINC utilizes proven Industry standard CDMA technology, similar to that of commonly used cellular phones, that is unaffected by rain, fog, even snow. And our network is monitored continuously to ensure reliable service.

If it's portable, is it secure?

To help keep your connection secure, we've built in multiple layers of authentication:

Our automated system allows only registered users on our network. WINC service requires a proprietary wireless modem available only to WINC subscribers. A double authentication system first identifies each wireless modem on the network using a unique serial code, then registers the user on the network using a confidential user ID and password.

As with any Internet connection, wired or wireless, WINC recommends that users take additional precautions to secure their networks by installing appropriate safeguards, such as firewalls.

How is WINC different from 802.11(Hot Spots or WiFi)?

WINC differs from 802.11 in several critical ways:


WINC service is available up to 12 miles or more from a base station. 802.11 "hot spots" were designed as an alternative to a wired Ethernet Local Area Network connections operating at distances of approximately 300 feet.


Accessing WINC's propriety network requires the authentication of each wireless modem using a unique serial code coupled with user registration via user ID and password. 802.11 networks have become popular "hotspots" designed for public, non-authenticated access to the Internet and generally speaking, do not require, user ID or password and use "off the shelf" non-proprietary wireless access cards.

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Voice Over IP (VOIP)


  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Local
  • One Low Monthly Price

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To learn more about our products and services or to speak with a member of our sales team, please contact us by calling 716.881-6132 or 1-866-295-7724.